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Monochrome photograph of an anatomically correct female statue exploding into rubble. artwork by Trent Anthony Francis

Digital Art

a plain black canvas, weathered design and created in Photoshop, art by Trent Anthony Francis & Audrey Vixen

Exploring the intersections of philosophy, science fiction, religion, and biology, Trent Anthony Francis' unconventional visual art challenges traditional boundaries.


Blending both studio techniques and cutting-edge digital media, deconstructing synthographic AI technology to create a captivating dialogue between pixels and brushstrokes. The resulting works are deeply layered, inviting contemplation as they grapple with complex ideas.

Through the interplay of 35mm photography, videography and digital manipulation, a unique visual language emerges. This thoughtful fusion of craftsmanship and forward-thinking technology offers a powerful lens through which to explore the complexities of the human experience.

Selected media is available as prints and downloads through the online shop.​

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