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Under his Audrey Vixen alias, Trent Anthony Francis has been producing ethereal, emotional and forward thinking electronic music since the early 00's.

Audrey Vixen (a name inspired by the film Supervixens and actor, Audrey Hepburn) kicked off in 2012 with the debut EP Butterfly Lullaby releasing independently in 2013.


The EP was Written with Melbourne producer, Laura Hamilton and featured the vocal talents of Jamie Slater, AYO, Melissa Nielson and Jade May. This was followed up with his first full length album, Descension released on Nuform Music in 2015.

Inspired by sonic creatives such as UNKLE, Massive Attack, FSOL, David Wingo & Nine Inch Nails - Trent's unique brand of dark, ambient soundscapes and apocalyptic beats have been featured on various labels around the world as well as his own independent imprints: Music For The Doomed Generation and Charlotte Sinner.

monochrome portrait of melbourne artist and musician, Audrey Vixen
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