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a graphic design and art studio meeting room photograph

In Melbourne's dynamic arts scene, Trent Saunders (under the stage names of Trent Anthony Francis and Audrey Vixen) distinguishes himself with an unconventional creative style, Merging cinematic electronic music, dystopian themes and thought-provoking digital art.


Drawing inspiration from visionary artists & musicians like The Future Sound of London, Tracey Emin, Aphex Twin, Alberto Vargas, and Nine Inch Nails, his visual art explorations delve into themes of philosophy, religion, and retro-futurism through the experimental use of mixed-media AI synthography, 35mm photographic prints, videography and traditional mediums.


Through his distinctive fusion of dark, ambient soundscapes and apocalyptic beats, his music has graced global labels such as SONY MUSIC (Germany), REAL MAGIC (Mexico) and NUFORM (Italy) - Trent's distinct fusion of brooding, ambient soundscapes and cataclysmic rhythms have found a home on his own imprints: Music For The Doomed Generation and Charlotte Sinner.

a photographic portrait of Melbourne artist and musician, Trent Anthony Francis / Audrey Vixen
a graphic design and art studio meeting room photograph

The human urge to create stretches back to the dawn of our existence, leaving an indelible mark on the world. This legacy binds present and future; we mine the past for inspiration, building upon its foundation with fresh eyes and the tools of today.

I firmly believe in the power of iteration and collaboration. Artists, scientists, educators, and innovators draw strength from the giants who came before us and the peers who walk beside us.

This creative dialogue takes many forms: weaving another artist's style into your own, reimagining age-old themes in new mediums, or transforming existing works into something entirely different. It's a constantly evolving symphony, each generation adding its own verse.

Platforms like Creative Commons empower creators of all levels to engage in this process, breathing new life into established works and birthing entirely new narratives. This endless loop of discovery and expression fuels our artistic spirit.

Art, in its myriad forms, has always been and will always be a fundamental part of the human experience.

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