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Discover the stark beauty of nature in monochrome: dramatic landscapes, contrasting light and shadow, breathtaking scenery.

Workflow | Tools

a graphic design and art studio meeting room photograph

A synergy of mediums defines my creative approach. 

Traditional tools like paints and brushes interweave with cutting-edge AI-infused "deconstructed" synthography and digital painting techniques, all underscored by subtle videography, to forge a distinct, weathered aesthetic. 

My musical explorations echo this fusion, embracing innovative audio plugins that push the boundaries of sound design and sonic landscapes. This interplay isn't merely about technical mastery; it's about capturing the essence of the imperfect, the beautifully weathered, and the emotive power of bridging the traditional and the digital. 

Think Van Gogh's brushstrokes reimagined through a digital lens, or Beethoven's sonatas reinterpreted with futuristic soundscapes.

a plain black canvas, weathered design and created in Photoshop, art by Trent Anthony Francis & Audrey Vixen

Music Production

Native Instruments: NI plugins are my go-to for crafting unique synth soundscapes, layering textures, and creating immersive sonic environments.

Luftrum: Luftrum's atmospheric sample packs and meticulously designed effects help me add depth and nuance to my compositions.

Logic Pro: Logic Pro's powerful workflow lets me seamlessly build complex arrangements, record live instruments, and fine-tune mixes for a polished sound.

Visual Art

Adobe Lightroom: I use Lightroom to enhance the mood of my photography, with a focus on color grading and precise adjustments for a cinematic feel.

Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is my primary tool for advanced photo manipulation, compositing images, and crafting intricate digital artwork.

Ibis Paint: Ibis Paint's extensive brush library and intuitive interface allow me to explore a wide range of digital painting and illustration styles.

Midjourney: Midjourney's AI-powered image generation helps me quickly develop concepts, visualize soundscapes, and create textures for my visual work.

Photomosh Pro: Photomosh Pro allows me to introduce deliberate glitches and distortions to my images, adding an element of visual surprise and experimentation.

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