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Discover the stark beauty of nature in monochrome: dramatic landscapes, contrasting light and shadow, breathtaking scenery.


a graphic design and art studio meeting room photograph

I'm fascinated by merging classic art forms with the latest technology.

Think paint, brushes, and textured canvases woven together with digital art, AI-generated images, and hints of video. This gives my work a weathered, almost timeless feel. The same goes for my music – I love using experimental audio plugins to create surprising, evocative sounds.

It's all about exploring raw emotion and the exciting possibilities that emerge when traditional and digital art forms collide.


a plain black canvas, weathered design and created in Photoshop, art by Trent Anthony Francis & Audrey Vixen

Music Production Tools:

LUFTRUM | Ambient and Granular Synthesizers

LOGIC PRO | Digital Audio Workstation


SPLICE | Audio Sampling

Traditional Art Tools:

FABER CASTELL | Graphite Pencils

HUION H640P | Drawing Tablet

Digital Art Tools:


LIGHTROOM | Photographic Editing

PHOTOSHOP | Digital Art & Design

PHOTOMOSH PRO | Videography

MIDJOURNEY | AI Art Creation

IBIS PAINT | Tablet Drawing

FIREFLY | AI Art Creation

INKVIEW | Vector Art



My visual art is created with the assistance of AI tools. I strive for transparency about the role of AI in my creative process and support its ethical development

a dark monochrome abstract portrait by Trent Anthony Francis
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