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1930s fashion concept art character colored with drawing pencil, ink and scrypt depicting of a 1930s fashion model that is created through hand-drawn pencil and cel animation techniques, in the style of studio ghibli and final fantasy, High quality, pencil and ink cel shaded Illustration by Luis Royo in 1930, with moody lighting, volumetric lighting, high detail, 64k resolution with a high depth of field and intricate details

An exploration of artistic expression that is unbound by genre or traditional ideas of what we may believe art to be, taking inspiration through visionary artists such as Naoyuki Kato, Gil Elvgren, Bridget Riley and Lyubov Popova, VACANT FORMS utilizes synthography, digital painting, ASCII coding and data bending technology to create visual stories through the abstract and experimental.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International.

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