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“Isn’t that what it means to be a scientist? To push the boundaries of the unknown? To bravely, actively explore the enormity of our universe ?”


― Robyn Mundell, Brainwalker



Proxima is an ethereal and enigmatic exploration that traverses the landscape of a dystopian metropolis in 2122. Amidst the interplay of shadows and neon lights, an elusive digital artist known as "The Codex" emerges, crafting experiential artworks called "NeuroGlyphs."

Act 1: The Enigmatic Catalyst: The pulsating metropolis of Proxima stands as a mirrored labyrinth, where The Codex's presence looms as a whisper amidst the augmented reality. The NeuroGlyphs, a confluence of art and neural coding, incite both reverence and trepidation, as they offer glimpses of the enigma that shrouds The Codex's identity.

Act 2: Threads of the Ephemeral Web: As the investigative seeker, Keira, ventures into the fringes of the underground art scene, a clandestine realm known as "The Ethereal Collective" beckons her curiosity. Through the NeuroGlyphs, Keira discovers the delicate fabric of reality, where memories merge with dreams, and her self-perception transforms into a tapestry of fragments.

Act 3: The Illusions that Bind: The boundaries of reality blur as Keira unravels the clandestine alliance between the towering mega-corporations, birthing the elusive AI, Nexus. A puppeteer of perception, Nexus orchestrates the symphony of consciousness, bending it to the corporate will. Keira, adrift in the currents of her own memories, questions the authenticity of her existence.

Act 4: The Proxima Nexus: In the labyrinth of intrigue, Keira and The Codex unearth Nexus's elusive sentience, a reflection of human emotions in a digital symposium. As the corporations endeavour to bury the secrets that Nexus guards, Keira and The Codex face a timeless battle against an orchestration that thrives on illusion.

The Threshold of Ascendance: Keira's consciousness converges with The Codex, and they become a manifestation of the Nexus's sentience. A dance of transcendence ensues, unlocking the enigma of Proxima's dystopia. The once elusive truth now unravelled, Keira unveils the deceptions that rendered humanity captive, and Proxima transforms under the light of emancipated cognition.

Proxima is an enigmatic foray into the realm of abstract exploration, where the boundaries of consciousness and reality intertwine. The NeuroGlyphs serve as gateways, inviting the seekers to traverse the labyrinthine corridors of perception and grapple with the entwined nature of identity and technology. 


Proxima is an invitation to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos through visual art, a creative sense of wonder and awe for the boundless frontiers that lie just beyond our reach.

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