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絶望 | DESPAIR !

a plain black canvas, weathered design and created in Photoshop, art by Trent Anthony Francis & Audrey Vixen

.. Yumi Nakamura, typically covering pop culture, is drawn into her first crime investigation when a series of horrifying murders rocks Japan. The victims are transformed into monstrous versions of yokai, mythical creatures from Japanese folklore. Yumi's only lead is the cryptic phrase "the women in green," linked to three missing schoolgirls. As Yumi dives deeper, she uncovers a dark conspiracy involving her own brother and descends into a psychological nightmare that spans the globe, culminating in her own waking horror.

"Despair" is an intense, nightmarish horror film that blurs the lines between reality and nightmare. Inspired by psychological thrillers like "Se7en," the surreal horror of "Twin Peaks," and the visceral terror of "Tetsuo," "Despair" follows the harrowing journey of Yumi Nakamura, a rookie journalist thrust into a world of grotesque murders and ancient folklore.


.. "I'm currently seeking funding partners to bring this ambitious project to life. If you're interested in being part of a potentially ground-breaking horror experience, please reach out for more information and opportunities to collaborate."

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.. "Nakamura’s breath fogged the cold air as she approached the abandoned shrine deep in the heart of Aokigahara, the infamous Sea of Trees. The twisted branches above cast sinister shadows, whispering secrets of the countless lives claimed by the forest. Yet, the horrors within the trees paled in comparison to the grotesque transformations she had uncovered. Innocent villagers, once vibrant and full of life, now wandered aimlessly as monstrous incarnations of yokai, their bodies contorted and features warped into a macabre parody of folklore.

No motive, no remorse—just a sickening artistry in their mutilation. Yumi’s investigation had brought her closer to the truth than anyone before, but with each step, the weight of the unknown predator’s gaze grew heavier, a reminder that she was on the edge of an abyss, teetering between revelation and becoming the next unspeakable creation".. 

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