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an abstract oil painting with shades of dark red and black by Trent Anthony Francis, this painting is an expression of self doubt being transformed into something bright, created with traditional studio painting techniques and AI art and Synthography


part 2.jpg
The scope of artistic creation is so vast and untapped, it is almost too mind boggling to consider.
Humans have been making things for the longest time conceivable which have continued to play a part in how we see the world today. History and the future quite often feel intertwined when it comes to creativity, we borrow from the old to make something new, but we also use powerful technological advancements to go back into the past and relearn old techniques with a new set of eyes.
I have always been a strong advocate for building and sharing upon existing ideas, as we artists, scientists, educators and creative thinkers often draw inspiration from the work of our predecessors or contemporary peers.
This can take many forms, such as incorporating elements of another artist's style or techniques into one's own work, using existing themes or subjects as a starting point for a new piece of art or music, or adapting something into a brand new medium entirely, like an endless innovative remix that continues to expand and find new life.
Creative Commons has provided a fantastic legal tool for amateur and professional creatives alike, to get more involved with building upon established work, using it in bold new ways or transforming it into something completely new, this is such a truly exciting concept as it means we can always find new methods to tell our stories in any kind of medium, divulge our imaginations and expand upon never ending discoveries.
Art is and always has been, ubiquitous.
Trent Anthony Francis
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